Asantehene Affirms Heir To Kwaso Stool

The elected candidate for the vacant Kwaso Stool has received the affirmation of the Monarch of the Asante Kingdom, His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

The succession was delayed due to the invocation of the Great Oath.

It would be recalled that Asantehene summoned the elders of Kwaso during the Kumasi Traditional Council meeting on March 21, 2024, over the delay in enstooling a chief after the destoolment of Nana Nketia Boampong II last year.

The elders appeared before the Council on March 25, 2024, to offer reasons for the delay.

Speaking before the Council, Abusuapanyin Kwame Dankwah said, “Following Otumfuo’s order for a successor after the stool was rendered vacant, I directed all interested royals to submit their request. Eight people showed interest. A vote carried out by heads of the royal houses gave Osei Kofi the majority.”

He further told Otumfuo the challenge to proceed with the process set in while he was unveiling the elected candidate. According to him, two women invoked the Great Oath to object to the process arguing that their candidates were sidelined.

In response, Otumfuo disclosed that certain individuals were responsible for deliberately delaying the process with the intention of giving the stool to someone else. To everyone’s surprise, he reviewed the votes and voters during the meeting to elect a candidate chosen by the heads of the royal houses.

He declared, “If the vote determined that Osei Kofi had the majority, then I don’t see why there should be any delay.”

Destoolment of Kwasohene
Kwasohene Nana Nketia Boampong II was destooled on June 8, 2024, for bribery, violation of the Great Oath and alcoholism.

In his judgement, Otumfuo noted that Nana Nketia Boampong II engaged in extortion when he demanded money from a candidate for the Dikro stool of the Worakese community.

He also said he went against his oath of office- in honesty- when he lied to him about taking a bribe. Plus, his drunkenness proves him unfit to continue occupying the stool, the King ruled.

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