Asantehene Chides Kotoko Supporters For Supporting Board Rather Than Players

The Life Patron of Asante Kotoko Sporting Club, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has chided the supporters base of the Club for their actions and inactions affecting the Club negatively.

During a joint meeting with the Asante Kotoko National Circles Council (NCC) and the Asante Kotoko Old Players at the Manhyia Palace on July 21, 2023, he indicated that the supporters have ceded their responsibility for players and are rather focused on the Board.

He recognizes that division among supporters over the Board members is fueling the cracks in the Club.

“Instead of supporting and focusing on the players and the coach, you are divided about Board members and trading your support for them which is stoking the misunderstanding in the Club. You don’t show your support for the players. I’m aware the players have been evicted from their residence. This is why I called you. Supporters are now looking out for their personal interest.”

“We must focus on players and managers, not Board,” he stated.


Fleeting Board

His Majesty also showed concerns about the short life span of Boards that have run the Club since he assumed power and registered his displeasure at it.

He regretfully holds that among all institutions under his authority, only the Club has failed.

The immediate past Board got dissolved recently after news about their never-ending squabble got to the ears of the King.

According to Otumfuo, he was sure the rift between them wasn’t going to get any smaller and would hurt the Club further and therefore took the painful decision to dissolve it after taking their report earlier this week.

Opening up about his feeling towards the fleeting nature of Boards, he said, “I’m not happy to dissolve boards after every three years. I always find people I believe can handle the Club. I choose Board members with the hope that they will run for a long time but they always get dissolved. It is disturbing.”

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