Bekwai Abodomhene Pledges Allegiance To Otumfuo

The newly enstooled chief of Bekwai Abodom, Nana Kwabena Nti II has taken an oath of allegiance before the Occupant of the Golden Stool, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

His enstoolment followed the destoolment of Nana Saforo Koto in August 2023 for his behaviour which was widely seen as neglect towards the stool and the people of his community.

During the sittings of the Kumasi Traditional Council on March 21, 2024, at the Manhyia Palace chaired by the Asantehene, the Council was presented with the new leader by Benkum Division.

“One person was nominated by the Abodomhemaa and elders of the stool to succeed the former leader. The nominee has performed all the requisite rites and has been enstooled. He is here today to swear his allegiance to Otumfuo.”

The divisions, as per tradition, counselled the new chief.

“Honour the Great oath and portray loyalty in your leadership and lobby for development into the community.”

He was also advised against self-centredness and charged to deter from repeating the sins of his immediate predecessor.

“Do not emulate the transgression of your predecessor. Learn from that. He dishonoured the stool. Take the stool rites seriously.”

Otumfuo expressed confidence in Nana Kwabena Nti II as he acknowledged his rich educational background and expertise and directed him to leverage on his knowledge to develop the community.

Additionally, His Majesty counselled him to be unassuming and take advantage of his experienced elders to develop community.

“You are lucky to have knowledgeable and experienced elders around you. Be humble and be a listening leader. Do not try to intimidate your subjects with your position.”

Taking his Oath Nana Kwabena Nti alluded to exceptional rule by some of his predecessors and promised to make Otumfuo proud.

“Except by sickness, I pledge to always be before Otumfuo. You won’t regret accepting me and putting me in this authority. I violate the Great Oath, if I go contrary.”

Destoolment of Nana Saforo Koto
Otumfuo in August 2023 deposed Nana Saforo Koto for various charges leveled against him by the elders and the town folks.

Whereas his elders accused him of insubordination and neglecting the stools, his subjects accused him of famishing the community with his absence for seven years.

Destooling him, His Majesty stated, “This how possessions which are not rightly bequeathed are treated. He had no sentiments for the stools. You couldn’t take care of the stool so leave it and go.”

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