Chancellor’s Week: KNUST Pays Tribute to Asantehene with Musical Concert

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) took centre stage last night as the institution paid its humble tribute to the Monarch of the Asante Kingdom and its Chancellor, His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, for his nearly two decades of leadership characterized by “deep wisdom, justice, fairness, dedication, commitment, utmost love and care”.

As part of what it calls the ‘Chancellor’s Week’- a four-day event to celebrate the 25th Enstoolment Anniversary of Otumfuo- the institution staged a concert to perform selected Coronation Anthems of renowned composer George Fredrick Handel.

Otumfuo attended the event with Lady Julia, his wife, and some traditional authorities.

Soothing and soul-touching choral performances were delivered by the University Choir and the Kumasi Evangel Choir led by Randal Kempton, lecturer at Brigham Young University, Idaho, as well as solos by versatile American vocalist Brenda Marie Turner and Dr Gaddiel Mensah York.

Prof Jerry John Kponyo, the Dean of Quality Assurance and Planning Office and member of the Chancellor’s Week Planning Committee in his remarks revealed how Otumfuo opposed an initial decision to host the concert at the Jubilee Hall at the Manhyia Palace, insisting on the need to spend time with the school on the auspicious occasion.

“Tonight will forever be remembered not just for the wonderful music we have been treated to but most importantly, we have had the rare opportunity of spending a night with our King and our Chancellor. This concert was originally supposed to take place in the auditorium of the Otumfuo Osei Tutu II Jubilee Hall at Manhyia and would have offered only the privileged few to attend. Nana Chancellor, when you were briefed about it, you chose to rather come to the university to spend this time with us and as a result of which many more people have had the opportunity of celebrating the occasion with you.”

Prof Rita Akosua Dickson, the Vice Chancellor, in her remarks, characterized the decision and stance of the King as a testament to his genuine love

“Your Majesty, your decision to spend tonight with us is indeed a testament to your deep love and connection to us here at KNUST.”

Extolling the leadership of Otumfuo, she said, “For us at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, we recognise these very fame qualities and many more in our Chancellor, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II. He has indeed led the University this past 19 years with deep wisdom, justice, fairness, dedication and commitment and utmost love and care.”

According to her, his invaluable guidance has shaped KNUST into a leading centre for Science and Technology in Africa.


The first to set the ball rolling and entertain His Majesty was the illustrious University Choir. Their angelic voices echoed through the heavens and soothed all hearts and souls.

Meanwhile, the adventurous Kumasi Evangel Choir led by Randal Kempton, a lecturer with the Department of Music at Brigham Young University in Idaho, were joined by versatile American vocalist Brenda Marie Turner and Dr Gaddiel Obi Mensah York for a world-class rendition.

Brenda’s flawless and captivating voice blended with the lyrics of “Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion”, “Alle Voci Bronzo Guerriero” and “Let Bright the Seraphim” garnered a gratifying reaction from His Majesty.

Dr Mensah Yorke, a member of the Kumasi Evangel Choir also delivered a solo yet atmospheric performance on “O First in Wisdom”.

Conducted by Kempton, the Kumasi Evangel Choir mesmerized the King and all present with their melodious rendition of the Handel’s Coronation Anthems most of which draws their lyrical inspiration from Psalms in the Bible.

They pleasantly served the King as he sat with eight different songs including the “Zadok the Priest”, the most famous coronation anthem, “Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened”, emphasising God’s power and justice in support of the King, “The King Shall Rejoice”, expressing God’s support for the King reign and “Exceeding Glad Shall He Be Of thy Salvation”.

They also performed “Thou Has Prevented Him With the Blessing”, highlighting God’s favour and blessings upon the Monarch, “Alleluia”, “My heart is Inditing” and “Kings shall be Thy Nursing Fathers”.

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