Colombia Vice President Follows Up On Asantehene Visit

The Vice President of Colombia, Her Excellency Francia Marquez has followed up on her invitation to Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II for a state visit with a proposed itinerary.

The proposed itinerary which includes a visit to an iconic museum and a city in the country was presented to His Majesty on March 15, 2024, during a courtesy call by the Colombia Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Daniel Garces Carabali.

“We are to meet with his Majesty and concretise on the agenda he has for his visit. We know that it will be in the month of August and have an idea of the areas it will rotate,” H.E Garces Carabali stated.

Per the proposal which is subject to the approval of the King, the visit will take place between August 11 and August 21 this year.

“His Majesty will have meetings with the Vice President as well. There will be some meetings with businessmen. In addition to this will be a guided tour to Cartagena. The visit to Cartagena is very important because it was the first point of entry for the slaves who entered Latin America. Close to Cartagena is the first free city in America and the city is called San Basilio de Palenque. We are aware that over there in San Basilio, a king arrived there and he was able to face the colonisers of the Spanish Colony and he was able to free the people. It is the reason this is very important for Afro-Colombians that His Majesty is able to visit there.

“After we will be going to the third city in the Americas with the highest Afro descendants population. Approximately about two million Afro descendants lived there. Over there we will have a meeting with the Mayor which is very important as well as meeting with very important Afro-Colombian descendants of people who lead when it comes to social democracy as well as meeting with very important businessmen from that part of Columbia as well,” he listed.

The proposal also includes visits to some selected towns and participation in an auspicious festival, he said.

His Majesty in response emphasized that in as much as he wishes to meet Blacks in the Americas, his primary intention is for the trip to intensify the bilateral collaboration between Ghana and Colombia for mutual benefits.

“I want the visit to create better collaboration between Ghana and Colombia in terms of trade. Yes, I want to see my people but I also want our friendship enhanced.”

He further directed the envoy to liaise with his office for the finalisation of the itinerary.

The Vice President of the Republic of Colombia, Her Excellency Francia Marquez extended an invitation to Otumfuo on September 7, 2023, during a visit to the Manhyia Palace.

During the visit, she said she traces her roots to the Asante ethnic group based in the sub-region.

“I recognize myself as an African with Asante roots,” she told Otumfuo through her translator.

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