Otumfuo@25: The King’s Hobby That Keeps Him Going

Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has a deep-seated affection for Golf; a club-and-ball sport popular among the influential and advanced countries.

It is unknown when His Majesty started developing an affection for the sport, but he has described it as a source of strength, energy and respire from his busy daily schedule.

He once commented that it is an opportunity for him to sneak out of the Palace.

“The reason why I enjoy golf is that, that is the only way I can sneak out of the Palace. Other than that, I’m kept in there and I have no way of going out so when I hear about golf then I am happy because I can sneak out to go and enjoy it.”

At his age, he says he can go about his duties healthily thanks to the same game. He highlighted that it revitalizes him and prepares him for the busy day’s duty.

“That gives me the strength and the energy to carry on with my work.”

Expressing his affection for the game, he said, “I eat golf, smell golf and then I play golf. And that is what keeps me going. I have two rooms in the palace full of golf kits.”

In an interview with Graphic in 2019, he is reported to have disclosed that there were attempts to stop him from playing golf as part of sacrilege when he ascended the Golden Stool, which, thankfully, was reconsidered.

“So it is only golf that I go out to play with some friends,” he said as quoted by Graphic Online.

The King has a tradition of visiting the Royal Golf Club each morning for golf sessions.

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