The Next Time the Golden Stool Goes Out

Thousands were presented with the rare opportunity to see the Golden Stool of the Asante Kingdom yesterday, May 12, 2024, when it was publicly outdoored for the first time in many years.

The experience will remain memorable and stay fresh for all those who made it to the durbar that marked the end of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II’s 25th enstoolment anniversary celebration.

However, the next date the delicate yet breathtaking celestial craft embodying the soul of the people of the Asante Kingdom would be outdoored is not in sight, according to the Chairman of the Silver Jubilee Planning Committee and the Paramount Chief of Juaben Traditional Area, Nana Otuo Sereboe II.

In his welcome address at the durbar which also marked the fourth Akwasidae festival, he said the stool named “Sika Dwa Kofi” is not likely to come out in a long time.

He said bringing it out was aimed at making the anniversary a memorable one for all participants.

“We’ve done all these to make you remember this afternoon, especially the presence of the Golden Stool, a spectacle that we are not likely to see for a long long time will linger in your memories and that when you remember Otumfuo’s Silver Jubilee, you will also remember the wonderful reception we gave you and the fact that we gave you the chance to see the legendary Golden Stool.”

The stool came to state carried on the cerebral rear of designated traditional attendants while some of its intricate parts were handled by one other, all draped in white cloth.

It was among the numerous treasures of the Kingdom that accompanied His Majesty to the Dwabrem ground of the Manhyia Palace where the climax of Otumfuo’s anniversary and the fourth Akwasidae festival of the year unfolded.

The Golden Stool was placed on one of the seats designated for Asante traditional rulers beside Otumfuo as it sat in state in the full glare of the public.

It is believed that the stool does not touch the ground and so is always placed on a pelt.

The British in the 1900 tried to forcefully take away the Golden Stool to no avail. The attempt by the British received a proactive response in concealing it away from their reach.

Speaking at the Kuntunkuni Durbar- a durbar to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Sagrenti War- on February 8, 2024, Asantehene alluded to the existence and significance of the Stool in sustaining the Asante Kingdom.

He noted that the Golden Stool houses the soul of the Kingdom and with its existence, retains Asanteman, making it indestructible.

“Asante is alive. 150 years ago, the whites destroyed this city but the Golden Stool remained. Diverse kinds of guns came to Kumasi but Golden Stool remained untouched. So far as the Golden Stool remains, no one can touch Asanteman. It is the soul of Asanteman and Nananom used their blood to protect it.”

The Golden Stool is kept in a sacred place and is only brought out on special occasions.

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