Celebrating the Pillar of Peace: Otumfuo Deserves the Commemorative Gold Coin- BoG Governor

The Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), Dr Ernest Addison buys into the undisputed view that the 16th Monarch of the Asante Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II’s peace works and support towards economic stability makes him worthy of the monumental Commemorative Gold Coin.

The Bank, under the leadership of Dr Addison, which gave approval for the minting of the historic and non-commercial coin is proud to be associated with the initiative as according to it, the King has distinguished himself and dignified the traditional leadership system.

According to the Bank, Otumfuo is not just a pillar of peace but also a pillar of political and economic stability for Ghana.

“These are key ingredients to ensure the country has higher growth,” the Governor stated during a visit to present a piece of the Gold coin to him by E ON 3 Group- brains behind the minting- in February 2022.

Dr Addison said the Bank was very proud to be associated with the gold coin initiative and added, “I think that His Majesty deserves the honour.”

Why Gold Coin
Earlier at the launch of the commemorative gold coin in Kumasi, Dr Addison explained the BoG recognised Otumfuo’s involvement in the peaceful transition of power from different political administrations in the 4th Republic.

He said the Bank also noted with keen interest the painstaking effort His Majesty put in place in the mediation for peace in the Dagbon chieftaincy conflict.

“Under the circumstances, the bank approved the issuance of a commemorative coin and offered to assist to procure the coin through appropriate channels,” Dr Addison said.

“Your Majesty, in recognition of the invaluable role and your remarkable achievements, preservation of peace in the safeguarding of life, the development of Ghana and ensuring peaceful coexistence of the citizenry of Ghana, the Bank of Ghana proudly associates itself with the commemorative gold coin,” he stated at the launch of the gold coin.

The words uttered by the BoG boss in December 2021 during the launch of the coin and in February 2022 are E ON 3 Group’s focus in today’s edition of Celebrating the Pillar of Peace.

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