History Making North Lauderdale Commissioner Traces Roots To Asante Kingdom

Dr Regina Martin, the Commissioner for North Lauderdale in Miami in the United States of America (USA) has traced her roots to the Asante Kingdom from where she believes her ancestors were sold off to foreign lands.

She asserts that the Asante spirit she carries fuelled her to overthrow North Lauderdale’s longest serving Commissioner in 2019 in an election that made her the first black to take the seat.

Introducing her and other Black Americans who also trace their ancestry to the Kingdom to the Monarch, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, Nancy Sam, a Ghanaian appointed Tourism Ambassador for Miami-Dade County said they had been yearning to return home.

“She (Dr Martin) overthrew her predecessor who had reigned for 28 years. She is the first African American Caribbean woman to be elected. That State had been dominated by Whites for 70 years. She is one of the youngest Black Mayor. She traces her ancestry to Haiti.

“There are also 16 families who also trace their roots to Haiti and we know that all Haitians are from the Asante kingdom. Today they have come back home and it is the first time. They have been yearning to come home to see their grandfather.”

Election As Commissioner
Elaborating on her historic election as the first African American Caribbean, she said she was pushed by the Asante spirit in her.

“This journey is very spiritual for me and now I understand why I was so resilient, and passionate, why I fought and I won- because of the spirit of the Ashanti People, the bloodline that I come from. When they saw me they said this little black girl can’t do it but they had no idea I had great ancestors, I had my father the King backing me in the spirit and I told them they hadn’t seen anything yet, I’m going to reign and serve my people and I’ve been able to do that for the first term and for four years now.”

She plans on running for a second term in November 2024.

Significance of Visit
Touching on the importance of the visit to the kingdom and the King, emotional Dr Martin thanked the Palace for the hospitality.

“Today has solidified and now I understand and feel like I can do more. I thank you all for embracing us…Thank you so much for having us and I understand why we fight and why we are so resilient and why we love the way we do and why no matter the suffering we go through…the scripture says many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord will deliver them from them all. And I understand why. No matter what we go through, we will always overcome because of the spirit of the Asante people.”

She also shared her experience with the local food which she says reminds her of her parents’ meal at home.

“I ate the food, I love the food from Ghana.”

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