Otumfuo Pledges to Restore Rightful Heirs to Asante Stools

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has pledged to continue his mission of resolving all disputes surrounding stools in the Asante Kingdom by returning them to their rightful heirs.

He is willing to embark on that mission alone if his elders and other paramount chiefs betray him and opt for dishonesty, he noted at the first meeting of the Asanteman Council during which the newly enstooled Paramount Chief of the Offinso Traditional Area, Nana Dwamena Akenten II, took the oath of allegiance to him.

“One thing is certain; all stools in the hands of the wrong people will be returned to the rightful heir. There are family trees for all royals, and that will be used to set right all crooked enstoolments. If you (paramount and sub-chiefs) deprive me of your support on this journey, I will embark on it alone.”

This mission began in 1999 when His Majesty took office and swore to rule with honesty and boldness and to abide by the truth at all times and under all circumstances.

He has settled thousands of chieftaincy cases, all resulting from some dishonesty and greed on the part of kingmakers intending to sell out stools to non-royals.

The latest of these cases was in Offinso, where there were attempts by some persons, led by the now-destooled Queen mother, Nana Ama Serwaa Nyarko, to “sell” the stool to one person who was found to be a non-royal after investigations by Otumfuo.

I Hold No Grudge
His Majesty was also quick to add that he holds no hard feeling against individuals who sow such discords after settlement.

He noted that he embraces such persons who come back to him in their regret to pay homage and therefore assured such prodigals that his doors are open to them.

“I hold no grudge against anyone. After confronting the culprit and set things right, I don’t hold grudges, and I don’t hate anyone. Don’t harbour fear when coming before me. I don’t want to intimidate anyone with my authority. Inasmuch as I accept all who come here, I don’t compel anyone to come here against their will too.”

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