Otumfuo Reveals His Desire

The King of the Asante kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, has stated that his desire is not for the riches of this world but to stand by the truth and remain honest for the rest of his life as he occupies one of Ghana’s most important and sacred positions.

He said he yearns for divine discernment and truth since these are the only tools needed to fulfil his God-given mandate.

He was addressing a delegation of Bishops from the Methodist Church of Ghana led by Rev Bishop Kwaku Asante, the former Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church-Ghana, on Friday, June 30 2023 when they paid a working visit on him to pray for him.

“I am happy to see you here,” he told the delegation of clergymen.

He also urged them to mention him in their prayers and seek the grace of God upon him in the delivery of his mandate.

“I don’t covert money or anything that isn’t mine. I’m not after the riches of this world. All I want is His backing in my reign so that there will be glory and development. That I will have insight and discernment in whatever will be put before me.”

“When disputing parties come before me, they come in the hope I will use honesty to settle their dispute. My role is, to tell the truth for peace to reign. Money can’t buy the truth and so money cannot lead my purpose. All I ask for I discernment and resilience so that I will do my work well… When you pray, pray that God gives me the grace to be truthful. I don’t need anything but that.”

He recognizes that he has been instituted by God as a pillar of peace for Ghana and his Kingdom.

He also delved into the Kingdom’s relations with the Methodist Church counting the number of Asante Kings who were Methodists before Nana Agyemang Prempeh returned from Seychelles to convert the royals into Anglicans and on that note, assured the Church of his backing.

Prayers were further said for the King at the Palace by the leaders.

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