Play Your Role In Tourism- Otumfuo To CRAG

His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has established that the Car Rentals Association of Ghana (CRAG) has a role to play in enhancing tourism in Ghana.

During an encounter with the newly elected executives of the Association at the Manhyia Palace, he urged them to portray and project the country positively to their foreign clients.

Asantehene noted that inasmuch as their focus is on business and profit, the welfare of the country must be featured in their considerations for the ultimate benefit of all.

“Though they are operating their own businesses, they must know they are working to help the country. You are responsible for the mobility of foreigners who visit the country. The growth and development of Tourism in the country partly depends on you. The conversation you have with your clients will convince them the country is a good place to be.”

He also encouraged them to invest in their workforce to portray proper customer service as a way of enticing tourists to stay long and yearn to return to the country after their departure.

The government of Ghana envisions 1.2 million visitors in the current this year with 3.5 million domestic and foreign tourists in the next two years.

The Executives of CRAG were at the Palace to introduce themselves to the King on December 20, 2023.

They were led by the Chief Executive Officer of St Michael Car Rentals in Kumasi who is now the President of CRAG, Mr Michael Sarpong.

Among the delegation were Seth Ocran, the former President; Nii Ayitey-Adjin, Vice President; Daniel Garland, Organising Secretary; Samuel Darkwa, Treasurer; and Emmanuel Kwesi Asare, Public Relations Officer.

In his address, Mr Sarpong said, “Ashanti Region now has the Presidency for CRAG. Most often, members in Accra get the position.”

Encouraging business owners to maintain Kumasi as headquarters, he said, “When I opened a new branch in Accra, I maintained my headquarters in Kumasi unlike in many cases. I encourage every business owner to maintain their headquarters in Kumasi when they open new branches elsewhere.”

He also announced his decision to make avail his enterprise for the 25th Anniversary celebration of Otumfuo.

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