We’re Heading towards a Disaster; Asantehene On Climate Change

The King of the Asante Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has identified a looming threat to the existence of humanity with the continuous destruction of forest reserves and other natural resources in Ghana and the world.

He recognizes that Africa, the least contributor to emissions, unfairly bears the brunt of climate change.

“Then again, it’s also about how we look at the whole climate change situation. It’s no more fault of ours in Africa. If you talk about emissions, how much do we emit as compared to the advanced economies? They talk about giving money for climate change when they hold their conferences and upon all those promises, the money doesn’t come.”

He also acknowledged the roles being played by Africans and specifically Ghanaians which his foresight, reliably informs him that will put water in scarcity in the next two decades.

His Majesty’s concern lies in the fact that these threats have not received the maximum attention in public sensitization.

“We find ourselves in the same situation and the environment is still deteriorating so climate change is still gravitating at the highest point that we need to find solutions to…Where we are now if we don’t look at it, in the next five or ten years, I have to be honest with you, we will find ourselves without any water.

“{But} That is not being highlighted for people to know. We think as long as we get water and all the natural resources we enjoy, we are okay but the danger is that we are heading towards a disaster where in the next 10-20 years the streams of water in the villages will dry up.”

Otumfuo made these comments when the Country Representative of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Noor Baya Pwani, requested an envoy for their ‘Africa Royals Climate Change and Tree Planting and Care’ Programme.

He called for concerted efforts in the fight against the menace to stave off the impact.

Led by a team from the Ghana Red Cross Society (GRSC) including the General Secretary, Glolo Solomon Gayoni and the Regional Manager, Mr Clement Owusu-Banahene, Mr Pwani explained the objective of the project which bothers on climate change and their action.

“Our objective is to come and share with you our actions in terms of climate change. We all acknowledge that climate change is impacting on our natural resources. It’s making living very difficult and we appreciate that the royal has a lot of impact in terms of the drive in issues around climate change. We know there is a lot of cultural attachment and a lot of religious attachment in terms of how our environment interacts.

“With you, Your Highness, we also know that you have the word and the commitment in terms of ecosystem protection, in terms of environmental protection, and so with your help, we will be able to achieve a lot. We also know that the ecosystems of the environment are aspects that have actually enjoyed the leadership and the protection from the royal family and have been more sustainable in terms of long-term services.”

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