Women are Dear to Asanteman- Otumfuo

The Monarch of the Asante Kingdom, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has reiterated the significance of women and queen mothers in a typical Asante setting.

According to him, the ethnic group gives no place to women exclusion, as they are involved in all decision making processes that take place.

As a matter of fact, he asserted, that they hold a veto in decision making.

“Women play important role in Asante traditional setting so much. When a stool is vacant, the elder woman in the house is entitled to select an occupant. She takes the first step even before the stool elders can intervene in the process. Women hold key authority in Asanteman because we all came out of women.

“The fact that we use the matrilineal system is also proof of the enormous authority woman have here. She carries babies for nine months and brings out children. The significance of women dates back to ages,” he said while addressing guests and queen mothers who attended the Queen Mothers’ Day, one of the events slated for his 25th Enstoolment Anniversary, on April 22, 2024.

He also underscored the sensitive role women play in various families saying, “The success of every family depends on them.”

Expressing his respect and recognition for the role of Queen mothers in chieftaincy, His Majesty assured them of his unflinching support and a special place in Asanteman.

Otumfuo further encouraged them to put their authority to good use, harnessing on the need for peace and harmony to be prioritized in their dealings.

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