Golf Is For The Rich Notion Untrue- Otumfuo

His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has dismissed assertions that the golf game is reserved for wealthy and older men and women in society.

At an event to award winners of the 66th Asantehene Open Golf Championship on Saturday, June 17, he said there is a need to erase the perception the youth have about golf and attract them into the sport.

“We also have to encourage the young ones to play. We need to attract the younger ones. The notion that golf is for rich people is not true… The people who play golf are ordinary people and they are just people excited and enjoying golf so it’s not for rich people. That notion must be disapproved.”

He indicated that golf is one of the cheapest sports in the world.

“Imagine if you buy a set of clubs, how long will it last so you don’t have to change it.”

The game appears to be unattractive to non-golfers, especially the youth, whether in becoming fans, watching golf tournaments or attending golf games.

A survey by Golf property Analysts showed that non-golfers perceptions continue to have a direct impact on their interest in playing the game and becoming a fan of the sport.

A report by R&A in December 2021 found that the number of golfers has grown to 66.6 million across the world thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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