King Charles’ Coronation Showcases Asantehene’s Seniority, Affirms Protocol Officer

Emmanuel Osei Sarfo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ashanti Broadcasting Corporation, has highlighted the display of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II seniority during King Charles’ coronation.

According to him, a news article in the Daily Mail captured this significance, stating, “A multi-coloured fringed parasol was held over the Ghanaian monarch’s head as the encounter took place, with the cover denoting the visiting King’s seniority.”

In an interview with Akosa on Adomankomasem, Mr. Sarfo, who also serves as the King’s Deputy Head of Protocol, further explained that during the coronation ceremony, monarchs were considered the highest in terms of protocol.

Therefore, presidents of various states were seated before any royal family made their entrance.

“Our Otumfuo led the monarchs by being the first to enter the auditorium. It was beautiful. The King and his wife were adorned in beautiful Kente attire and walked majestically, with the other monarchs following behind,” he shared.

He went on to express his admiration for the level of respect accorded to Otumfuo, emphasising how it highlighted the distinction and elevated status of Ghanaian traditions.

“It makes it seem like what we do in Ghana is below the belt,” he added.

Mr Sarfo also commended the Kumasi Traditional Council for the warm welcome given to Otumfuo and Lady Julia upon their return from the UK.

Their arrival, on a Vista jet flight at approximately 5 pm, was greeted by traditional rulers, religious leaders, politicians, government appointees, and residents from the Ashanti region. They presented the royal couple with two bouquets of red and yellow roses as a gesture of honour.

Story by Adwoa Serwaa Danso

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